The Funniest One Night Hookup I Had

I still remember the funniest one night hookup I ever had in my life. It was when I am in my 20s and I am 40 now. Every time we talk about subject related, I would bring up this story again, just for the fun out of it.

Back in that time when hookup culture is still in the low, fewer people enjoyed one night hookup, while more people prefer long-term relationships. I just got out of a serious relationship of nearly one year and had no rush to be in another one. I decided to have some fun before my next relationship. Finding a hookup partner was not as easy as it is now. Now we have hundreds of one night hookup apps for different preferences and different kinds of people. For example, if you like older women, they have cougar dating apps for you. If you are interested in having a threesome, they have swinger apps. If you prefer big beautiful women, they have such as for BBW in particular as well. However, back in that time, the only way we know to find a one night tinder hookup was bars and clubs.

I had several friends who shared the same preference with me at that time. All of us were not into something serious, but only casual. So we went to a bar, hoping to find some luck there. Lucky for me, I found someone there. She was pretty and sexy, also easy. After flirted for like half an hour, I was invited to her house. Her house had two floors. She implied me to keep quite when we went inside. It seemed that her father was watching TV in the living room. We went directly to upstairs.

Entering in the room, we were already half naked. We dumped our phone in the bed and started to making out vigorously. Suddenly, the phone rang. I looked at it and saw it was my dad. My dad was out of town for some business. He must has something serious to tell at this time in the evening. I answered it. “Hi, Dad!” “Who the f*ck is this?” It turned out it was her dad and the phone was hers. Our phone looked the same. I hang up the phone immediately. After several seconds, her dad called again. She answered it and explained everything.

While she was explaining, she heard the voice of her dad was coming closer and it was right outside of the room! I got panic and so did she. Her dad forbade her to bring man to the house. But there was no way to run. We were at the second floor and there was no ladder to climb down outside of the window. But we had to hide. So we quickly climb to the roof without any clothes on. Her father broke in and found no one in the room. We stayed on the roof top naked until her father left the room.